Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Decor: How To Fill A Wall

My new apartment came with an abundant amount of white space on the walls, and of course I already had some major plans to fill them. It's a slow process, but my roommate and I  have started to fill in some of that space. Here are a few tips to filling in the blanks.

1. Frames - You can find great frames at your local dollar store or art store. I found mine for around $2-$8 dollars (depending on size) and they still look stylish and clean, instead of cheap and out of place. I would suggest sticking with one or two neutral tones so that the pictures can really speak for themselves. You can also mix frame sizes for a more interesting collage.

2. Prints - Instead of settling for some lame already frames Ikea piece, make it more personal and get some of your own prints done. This is super easy and really quite rewarding once the final product is up. Use your own photo's or pictures you've found online (Pinterest is a great resource) for a more personal touch. Put all your prints on a USB and take it to any printshop (I went to Grand & Toy) and ask them to print them out so that you can frame them for your place. They will help you pick out the right paper and thickness/gloss. Make sure the photo's you've chosen are high res, otherwise they will print out really small.

3. Printing -  If you are like me and got a lot of the pictures done on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, you will probably have to cut a bit of the print so that it will fit into your frame. To get the right size, use the glass piece of the frame to give you the outline. Place the sheet of glass over the print and trace the glass around the centered print. Once you've cut perfectly along those traced lines, your print should fit perfecting into your frame.

4. Placement - I like to put my pictures in collages, blending all ideas into one big inspirational space.

This one is right beside the kitchen and looks into the living room. 

This collage is found in my room.

You can also just put the frames on a ledge with other assorted decorating items. 

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