Friday, October 19, 2012

Decor: Bedroom Details

Finally arrived in Toronto and with a large amount of bags, and a lot of inspiration to fill all the white space my apartment had to offer. Let's start with my room shall we? 

I wanted to keep things simple with white bedding and some colourful throw pillows. These are a super easy change each season when you just need a slight adjustment to a room. Add in a HBC blanket and it's good to go. 

I have a large window in my room with a generous ledge, perfect for decorating with some little details.  Flowers are a must. 

A work space is essencial for me, and since our living room/kitchen area doesn't allow for it, I've set up a desk space by the window to allow for some natural light. I added an inspiration board right above so that I am never short on ideas, or a place to pin that perfect inspiration piece. 

I am beyond obsessed with clear everything and anything. (Still waiting on that ghost chair!) I opted for some starter items including the desk, the pen holder, the lamp (below) and the bathroom organizers. These sort of items are a harder find, so when you find them stock up. Sometimes you can luck out and find something similar at the dollar store, but other times you have to go to the source. I found most of mine at CB2. 

Side table - simple and clean. 

The bookshelf I bought is still waiting to be filled up with some more miscellaneous items. It's a work in progress. In the mean time, enjoy the Chanel tower of nail polish. Also, a cool way to display jewellery is to display it out on an inspirational page of a coffee table book. I used Vogue Living for it's size and abundance of glorious spaces.

These clear organizers are perfect for makeup and makes it easy to see everything you have. I also added in a clear tray for perfumes etc. 

Just a little silk and lace! I hung some of the cuter PJ pieces behind my door and put my slips out on a cushioned hanger. I love the girly-ness of it. 

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