Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Decor: The Library


I have always had that dream home in mind since I was a little girl. My sister and I would make elaborate houses for our Barbies growing up, and I was always so particular about what I wanted. Well it hasn't changed much today as I still lust after that perfect space that feels just like home. Saying that, I will be introducing a new post for every Wednesday, being a certain part of the home that I some day hope to acquire, whether it be that perfectly stocked bar cart, to a glorious and girly boudoir. This week, it's the library.


I am an avid coffee table book collector and I just love what they can do to a room. I love books in general but when I find one filled with inspiration, it's hard for me not to take it home. I love the idea of having that quaint reading space, where you can just get lost in a book and a good cup of tea. It's the perfect place for that rainy day, or when the weather is just too cold to bare. 


I love how crisp and clean this one is. Nothing is out of place, and there is a great use of other objects and decor to fill the space.

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