Monday, June 25, 2012

5 Reasons Why I Can't Wait To Move To Toronto

As some of you may know, I'm planning the big move to Toronto for this fall and I am beyond excited. As I mentioned previously, I was just in Toronto a few weeks ago scoping things out. There is so much life/culture/style going on there I can hardly contain myself. And with that, may I introduce my top 5 reasons as to why I chose this city in particular.

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1. TIFF - I went to the Toronto International Film Festival last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am a diehard film fanatic and TIFF was the great experience. I love the excitement around the city when a festival like TIFF is going on. What I really admire about the whole festival is that it's bringing in a lot of international films that would be very hard to come by at any regular theatre. It's also great to say you saw the Descendants a few months prior to everyone else - as I happen to do so last year. 

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2. World MasterCard Fashion Week - It will be exciting to be in a city that enjoys fashion as much as I do. I find that the Toronto fashion week is the most publicized fashion event in Canada, so it will be thrilling to watch it unfold.  

3. Dining - Toronto is no stranger to good taste and it continues to impress me every time I dine out in the T Dot. Whether it be incredible Italian food, or delectable Sushi, Toronto knows where it's at. I love discovering a new restaurant or cafĂ© while out for a stroll, and in a city like this, it's going to be hard to narrow down just where to go for dinner. 

4. Dan, Jessi & The After Show - Do you guys remember DOOP? Well I sure do, I loved it! Almost more than I love the original, GOOP. Basically it was Dan Levy's take on all things to see/do/eat/buy and a lot of it happened to be things to do in Toronto. The After Show was the beginning of my interest in Toronto. Unfortunately the show is no more, but my interest in the city had grown exponentially. So thanks MTV Canada for showing me whatcha got.

5. Good Music - Not only is Toronto a major tour stopping city, but it has also helped to garner a lot of talent and turning them on to the big time. As per this article here, Toronto has got a lot going on in the music department these days, which ultimately makes it a better city to go out in.

So there you have it. Anything I'm missing? I would love to hear about some more "must see/dine/do" ideas you've got.

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