Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Life: 5 Things I Am Currently Obsessing Over

1. Equipment Blouses and Dresses – I could live the rest of my life in Equipment blouses. They are the perfect piece to throw on when in doubt of what to wear. I’ve tried the “knock off” let’s say of these shirts, and well they really don’t measure up. I recently picked up a few pieces from the glorious French label, and they are absolutely perfect. There is something about the thickness of the silk they use, along with the roomy style and fit. The Equipment team sure does a hell of a job with the gorgeous colours each season, along with the fun prints that are always just right amount of trendiness. They are most definitely worth the price – as they aren’t your average T-shirt!
2. Diptyque Candles – There is nothing like coming home after a long day of work and running a warm bath and lighting some candles to let the day wear off. My candle of choice? Well anything by Diptyque of course! On a recent trip to New York I stopped in at the Diptyque store on Madison Ave and I felt like a kid in a candy store. So many amazing scents, so many exciting products, so many pretty boxes and bottles! This French luxury candle company is not easy to find, especially in Calgary so I immediately stocked up while in the store in New York. They are that perfect subtle scent to light up any room.
3. Ghost Chairs & Other Clear Objects – If I was able to furnish my next home with an unlimited budget, I would seek out as much of this “ghost” furniture as possible. It’s so sleek and modern and unexpectedly alluring. The chairs of course, are where this obsession started, and then I started to see everything from dining room tables to vanities to even kid’s room furniture! I love the way objects look when placed on such a polished piece; it really makes a room look much more airy and contemporary.
4. Girls on HBO – Every episode just keeps getting better and better. Lena Dunham has done an incredible job of keeping the show real. Like really real. You see so many of these series come out each season and there is a reason this one is going to stick around when all the others fall by the way side. Between all the humor, the frustration, the fights and the craziness it’s still so down to earth and completely relatable. Thumbs up.
5. Striped Shirts - There is something to be said for a patterned shirt that seems to go with everything. That brings us to the incredible versatility of the striped shirt. My personal favorite has been the blue and white stripe version, but I am keen on trying some other variations in the near future. They are such a staple for any wardrobe and can be converted into so many different styles.