Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gossip Girl: 5 Reason's Why I Can’t Wait For The Next Season of Gossip Girl

1. Chuck’s attire – Eric Daman does an admirable job of dressing Chuck. I look forward to his accessorizing as much as I do Blair’s. (Yet another reason why they belong together.) Last season we saw everything from a post work out onesie, to all his black tie attire. I love a man who can dress.
2. Italy – The beginning of the new season is rumored to take place in Italy – well DUH! Isn’t that where Dan and Georgina took off together in the season finally? Wonder what they have been up to…
3. Serena’s Downfall – Sorry Serena, you’ve hit rock bottom. Last time we saw you, you were letting the lead singer of Cobra Starship make-out with your pretty face. There is hope though, maybe something good will come of this “break from reality” you are taking, which could hopefully lead to #4 (see below).
4. Serena’s next job – doesn’t it seem like she gets a new career every season? She’s gone from fashion muse, to director’s assistant, to gossip columnist, to socialite (well she’s been that the entire time), to even gossip girl herself. What’s next?!
5. Blair’s New Role – Pretty much anyone in fashion’s dream job – She is now in charge of a major fashion company. It will be interesting to see how this plays out between her scheming, shopping, and romancing Chuck Bass back into her life.
Until next season...
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