Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fashion: Top Ten Fashion Films

Fashion and film go hand-in-hand. Film offers that glimpse into the unforeseen world of the frivolous and far-fetched. Major companies have started to take notice and now fashion and film are as compatible as ever. Conde Nast has even opened up a newly appointed film and television sector in the company to further their efforts towards the fashion minded mass market audience. Seeing as the near future will be brimming with new found fashion glory on the television, why not look back at some of our favourites to come out of the industry so far. Here are the top five fashion films and documentaries you must see. 

1.Valentino: The Last Emperor
What is not to love about an overly tanned-Italian man and a posse of pugs following his every move? Nothing. Not to mention Valentino's genius and the film providing an intimate look at the Emperor's last collection for the house. Best scene of the film? Karl Lagerfeld telling Mr. Valentino that they are the last great artists of their era...and Karl may be right. 
2. Visionaries: Tom Ford
This documentary was part of Oprah's latest endeavour with her OWN network, and of course it lives up to the highest Oprah standard. Tom Ford was an exquisite choice, as he really embodies the visionary factor. Things to note about Tom: he bathes at least three times a day, he is a perfectionist through and through. He's 50 - and he looks THAT good. 
3. Bill Cunningham New York
This movie surprised me at how much it tugged at my heart strings. Bill is an inspiration to follow the things you love and never let people change you. He is shown as such a good hearted, caring little old man. That blue jacket, his little bike. What a story. Not to mention he has lived in the same building for the last few decades and has seen some of the most famous American artists walk in and out of it. This film is a must-see for anyone who loves fashion. Best part of the film: when Bill is claimed to be “the most important person” as he is outside of a fashion show waiting to be let in. The PR associate is flabbergasted as to why anyone wouldn't recognize Mr. Cunningham as a VIP show goer. Hilarious and emotional, this makes it a must see. 
4. The September Issue
Ever since The Devil Wears Prada came out, the rumour mill of what actually goes on behind those immaculate glass doors at Vogue really hide. The September Issue profiles the magazine's most influential people; namely Anna Wintour and Grace Conddington. Grace really is the unsung hero of Vogue and Anna, the dictator – for good reason. Watch as the film's camera man gets told he needs to lose weight, to how hungry those wasp thin models really are on the set of a Versailles photo-shoot. 
5. Lagerfeld Confidential
The many Karl Lagerfeld quotes throughout the movie are hilarious to say the least. He is such an extraordinary individual that we can all learn a little more from. You will gasp at the amount of books he has in his many houses, his drawers full of perfectly starched collars – you could almost say there is a slight hoarder-esque quality with Karl. He has everything! He is even quoted to say he owns 70 ipods. But then again, he owns quite a few houses that have plenty of space to keep all his collectables. 
6. L'Amour Fou
Filmed completely in French (with subtitles of course) this film takes an intimate look into the relationship between fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent and his long time lover, Pierre Berge. From dream houses and vacations, to the stress and depression Mr. Laurent faced, all is told through the loveable Pierre Berge.
7. Coco Before Chanel
Parisian actress Audrey Tautou plays the infamous Coco – in a great portrayal of the leading lady of the era. The film captures her innocent upbringing to her vision for a future where women wear pants and jersey. Simple nuances of Coco Chanel’s character, her wardrobe and how she spoke flow throughout the film. Her love affair with Arthur 'Boy' is a wonderful yet daunting romance in which we all know the tragic ending. See this one for your fashion history knowledge and a marvelous story. 

8. Seamless

This film was the first look into the CFDA's Fashion Fund Award, and the designers competing for the life changing and career-making award. The film goes through every step from the nerve racking interviews, the high profile judging panel, and the industry studio visits. It's all in a day’s work for these select designers. Seeing as this movie was filmed in 2005, you can really see the success snowball for the award winners 7 years later. Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler have continued to impress and are a force to be reckoned with on the NYFW runway each season.
9. The Devil Wears Prada
I could watch this movie a hundred times over. Meryl Streep is the epitome of perfection for what we would all come to expect from her Miranda Priestly character. Anne Hathaway provides us with the Vogue makeover component – which of course is the best part of the movie. Watch this one for the great styling and the fun characters.
10. Picture Me
This documentary exposes the modelling industry into a dirty mind trick where you are hard pressed to find someone who you can actually trust. This look at the inner workings of the modelling world – provided by model Sara Ziff brings to light the many issues facing the industry. It's a great documentary for anyone who is serious about knowing all areas of the fashion industry and its harsh realities.

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