Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fashion: The Fashion Calendar Explained Part 2

Fashionologie, Stella McCartney Resort 2013 
Resort – First of all, no one is really in agreement of what exactly to call this particular “season”. We’ve heard everything from “cruise”, “pre-spring”, “pre-summer”, and “holiday” yet no one has yet to decide on what to call it. For now though, by way of let’s call it Resort.   
Resort came into being as the link into summer wear for those going on vacation throughout the winter months. Originally, Resort wear began because the rich were becoming richer and people needed their “vacation wear" but now many designers are weary of using it because of the outlandish image it produces.  Today Resort is viewed more as a transitional collection between the spring and fall shows. both Chloé
We are seeing more and more ready-to-wear designers offering Resort collections, and as the world becomes more of a global marketplace, seasonal dressing seems to fade and these Resort collections are just another chance for brand extension. This year alone we’ve seen more than 100 brands show resort wear, and the number continues to increase.
Resort is shown once a year in June, usually in America, but sometimes (dependant on the designer and how much they have backing them) they will show in Europe. Resort shows used to take place mostly in showrooms and usually didn’t have full runway presentations, but with the growth of interest on the subject, designers have started to take note and a select few have branched into outlandish events. (Here’s looking at you Karl).
YSL Pre-Fall 2012 (Pre-SLP)
Pre-Fall – Much like resort, pre-fall is another transitional stage. The high demand for new product has reached such increased levels it is no surprise more designers are churning out Pre-Fall collections. It gives buyers a chance to offer their customers more “newness” at any time of the year, and for those of us in fashion that have A.D.D. with seasonal collections, we can now start our fall shopping in May. Most designers who do resort collections will do Pre-Fall as well. See my favourites from last year here. Again like Resort, most pre-fall collections get shown in New York, with the exception of some luxury brands who show in Europe.
Rag & Bone Pre-Fall 2012
Pitti Uomo – Twice a year, Florence is transformed into a bustling fashion mecca as it hosts Pitti Immagine Uomo. Pitti Uomo has come into the spotlight recently with its intriguing street style hosted on GQ (by Tommy Ton) and of course The Sartorialist. Pitti is Milan’s week-long fashion week that specifies in garments for men where international buyers and fashion press come to look over the 1,000 brands showing their latest collections.  The upper echelon of classic men’s tailoring is spotlighted, along with everything from sports to casual wear.

So there you have it, Part 1 and Part 2 of The Fashion Calendar. 

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