Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life: Summer To Do List

Photo: My own, dining alfresco
Being back at home this summer has already has it's up's and down's and the idea of not being able to re-decorate a space (besides my bedroom) for a while now has been keeping me giddy and excited to move to out on my own in the fall. (Hello Toronto!) It's definitely a change coming back to living at home and not being in complete control of how things go about, especially when home is a small town. Luckily though, I already have some trips planned for the summer and a full time job that is keeping me occupied for the time being. While I am home though, there are a few things I would like to do this summer. The following is my Summer To Do List. Anyone who knows me knows I loooove a good list of any kind and this is no exception.

1. Go to the Stampede
This is not something I always look forward to in the summer, as most people do. It's always way to crowded, brings in a really seedy crowd at night and everything is about 200% more expensive than it should be. But hey, this is the 100th year of The Stampede, so why not!? I may not be back for a Calgary summer in a long time.
2. NYC in the Summer
I am really looking forward to this trip. I love cities, and New York has always been a favourite. With so much do to from the amazing shopping, to the museums, and of course some fine dining, I'm sure it will be a good time. And maybe I'll find my Chuck Bass? hehe

Photo: Pinterest
3. Have a Summer BBQ
I love entertaining and being back home I'm hoping to re-connect with some old friends, so what better way than with some sun+bbq+sangrias?
 Photo: Pinterest 
4. Learn to Garden
I think that would round out my Martha Stewart skills.. Cooking+Entertaining+Gardening, that's a triple threat!
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5. Go to the Farmer's Market
When I lived in Vancouver, the Grandville Island Market was one of my favourite places to go on a sunny day (amoung others) and something like this could be equally great. I love getting fresh ingredients then going home and making something extra tasty. I have so many great memories of farmers markets growing up, there is something about the atmosphere and the amount of goodies you can find. I love it!

6. Go to the Beach
So, seeing as Calgary doesn't have much of a beach I was thinking of a day trip to Sylvan Lake. It was always a favorite in high school as it was pretty much a party/beach town. Not to mention they have a pretty great ice cream shop that is just calling my name.

7. Take a Cooking Class
Why not!? I love learning new things and I'm sure I could pick up some very handy tips at one of the classes here. Anyone care to join?
Photo: One of the many libraries owned by Karl Lagerfeld. By: Todd Shelby

8. Read and Write More Often
I do more of the first than the later lately, but as I prep for the future (this perhaps) I want to double up on both. Just as Karl Lagerfeld mentioned earlier this week, striving to be a "Schwarzenegger of the brain" sounds pretty damn cool.

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