Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Culture: Cannes

Oh what I would give to be in Cannes right now. Everyone is there. If you have been living in a cave, Cannes International Film Festival is an annual film festival held in (you guessed it!) Cannes, France. Where else would the world’s most prestigious film festival take place? It's invitation-only and held at the Palais des Festival et des Congrès. Basically the haute couture of the Oscars, which of course is one of the main reasons I admittedly look for new photos every morning of the prior evening’s festivities.

The great thing about the red carpet at this event is that it is not the Oscars. It's not the "play-it-safe-America-is-watching" sort of affair. The invitees really do get to shine in knock-out ensembles and not be worried about being to "edgy" or "taking too much to chance" because really, most of the movies shown at the festival are not for the faint of heart. Festivals like this really allow our true fashionables to shine. (ahem...Diane Krugar, Tilda Swinton). What's great too, is that people like to have fun with it. Just look at Bill Murray with his head-to-toe Madras outfit accessorized with the tiny camera. Love a little humor like that, and he sure pulled it off in a "I'm cooler than you, but I'm not trying to brag about being famous so that I can do things like this, but I do happen to be walking the carpet with Wes Anderson" kind of way. He wins.

Of course, this being a film festival brings up my jealousy another notch. I love going to the movies, and with a sister studying film and acting, I have come to learn a thing or two about smart film making. Knowledge beyond the screen is crucial in deciphering a character's intentions and what the script is trying to convey can really be the Holy Grail of the film. Every shade of lighting delivers a slice of the mood, and the score of a film can become just as important as the backdrop. Not to mention this festival is the premier screening of many films to become Oscar nominations and winners. (The Artist premiered at Cannes last year, and ended up winner Best Picture at the Academy Awards.) 

When most of Hollywood flies out, there is bound to be some enticing gossip. Everything from Brad Pitt's new role as the face of Chanel No. 5, (He does look damn good in a suit, I can only image what Karl has in store for him) to Kanye's "immersive seven-screen experience" (glad to see DONDA at work after that twitter rampage). And don't forget all the immensely intriguing films being show at the festival.

So Ali, when you become rich and famous, please consider taking your lovely sister along for the ride, well at least to Cannes.

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