Wednesday, January 25, 2012


As many of you may know, I become obsessed with each and every holiday there is and most likely will throw a dinner party for any special occasion. Valentine's Day will be no exception. It's true, I most definitely posses that Martha Stewart gene. Or at least I hope to acquire it. 

There have been some very cute Valentine's inspired offerings from a few of my favourite brands. And of course many inspiration images to go along with it all. Enjoy! And if anyone is looking to get me a little something take note! 

These candles smell AMAZING. I adore them even more because they aren't too seasonal, they smell like the freshest roses you've ever smelled, and will work well to bring in the spring season. 
The favoured French house of all things sugar and goodness, Laduree is releasing a limited edition box of grapefruit-favoured Coffret Sain Valentin Macaroons in spirit of the Hallmark holiday, and also to celebrate their 150th anniversary. And it's only $25. Très chic! 

I just bought this one. It's Le Vernis May by Chanel and it's the prettiest girly pink I've ever found. Perfect for a little touch of femininity. 
My baking inspiration for the holiday. 

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