Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gossip Girl: G.G.

Let me first start off my apologizing for my lack of posting about last week's episode. It's been such a busy week that I wasn't able to write anything for it in a timely matter. 

Anywhooo.....This week!

I laughed out loud when Wallace Shawn (aka Blair's step father) said "it's the Princess Bride"... I hope you've all seen that movie...if not, well we can't be friends. 

What a crazy episode. I feel as though the acting is more real than ever, well maybe just with Dan. Or maybe Penn Badgley is growing into a stronger actor. Or maybe I just really love him. In any case, quite enjoyable and I savour every last minute of this show.  Guilty pleasure what can I say. 

What was that?
Oh right, somehow everyone on this show has incredibly theatrical dreams that often take major influence from old Hollywood films. Right. Mine are like that too.
And just as much as the girls dress up to go to bed, so does Chuck. Here, looking suave as ever in his velvet robe. 
Blair strutting her stuff on the way to her final fitting at Vera Wang. She wore a DVF wool coat, accessorizes with a Loewe calf-leather bag and Badgley Mischka pumps.  
And the villain returns! Oh Georgina...now we are supposed to believe you are the one and only Gossip Girl? Nah... the plot just thickens with the last scene of her typing on the Gossip Girl website. I'm sure she just hacked it. She's good at getting into everyone's business. Also what's with her doormat of a husband/baby daddy?  Here she wore quite the awful impressive fascinator, along with her Burberry gem embellished trench coat. Oh and a stroller to accessorize. WTF how does she have a child!?
 Now on to the main event: The Wedding. 
I need that hand held Chanel mirror. 
She knows she looks good. 
Love the little bow detail in Serena's hair. Cute. 
 And then there was this random as hell exchange. Eleanor to the rescue! 
 But Blair had made up her mind already, she was going to get scammed by Louie and his mother. How aggravating. 
 Of course, everyone was wearing Vera Wang in the wedding party. 
Well, at least she gets to be a princess..?
My heart sank a little when Louie turned into such a jerk. Even though I really wanted her to choose Chuck, I felt support in her decision to the plan in the end. But that didn't turn out so well did it. Remember this

Until next week! 
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