Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gossip Girl: The End of The Affair

Wow. This. Episode. It killed me. Literally laughing out loud at how ridiculous things are getting. I mean really? Chuck walks his dog in the rain? Has Blair gone completely nuts? Lily and Dan are so stupid as to just let THE REAL Charlie Rhodes just walk away? Someone is trying to kill Nate? Of all people?? And Dan STILL has not had a hair cut? I mean...really. Although I’m actually kind of digging Dan’s look lately. 
All featured in your weekly Gossip Girl soap opera. Man it’s been too long. 
Just look at Chuck, so dapper and I’m pretty sure he’s only at a gossip magazine party. 
Your right Blair, this is not the dress for you. Choose something a little less...bedazzled please. (It’s Vera Wang...obviously)
Serena just needs to hurry up and tell Dan she is in love with him... AGAIN...(She’s wearing a Lorena Sarbu sequin scallop dress here)
Thank goodness Blair’s out of that tragic maternity wear...this was a little more of what we have come to expect from her. (from left to right; McQ by Alexander McQueen Trompe l'Oeil blazer for her reminiscent high school look, then a Gryphon Sherlock Cape with an Alice + Olivia Oshi Boucle Skirt paired with a Fendi Peek-a-Boo tote and Miu Miu patent platform loafer pumps. Oh and don’t forget that Ann-Marie Faulkner Brocade Beret and DVF bow tie top for that pop of colour. Lastly a Naeem Khan rosette dress. Tres belle. 
Ugh...so sick of Louis...go away. 
More next week!
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