Monday, November 28, 2011

Gossip Girl: Rhodes To Perdition

Sparkles, drugs, grandparents, lies and green socks. That about sums up tonight's episode, and it was a glorious one at that! Of course there was another made up event for the cast to go too, yet this time they didn't quite make it. Instead Rufus took to dancing in the living room and a fondu was set up in the kitchen. In case you missed it, I live tweeted throughout tonights episode...see more here. Now, on to the fashion!
Sparkles! Rufus dancing!
 They have such a strange relationship. Somehow I think Cece knows what's going on...
 Get ahold of yourself Grandma!
I love these two. There is not an episode that goes by that Blair doesn't think about how she can get into the same room and Chuck and into his...ehem...Check out those green socks! I would be in the same mindset though, I don't blame her. 
Ivy - the boring dresser. Here she wore a Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater and a Susanna Galanis necklace. Blair wore a Donna Karen trapeze sweater and YSL pumps. Serene - aka Beyonce's alter ego here - wore a DVF gold dress. 
The episode ends with the guys having what seems to be their usual nightcap....I wonder what gentlemen's club they are part off...
And then there's Blair. Of course in some great nightgown. And that bedspread! God damn I need to re do my room just the same. Compete with an antique gold alarm clock. Sleep tight!

Until next week!

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