Monday, October 24, 2011

Fashion: A Few Of My Favorites Part 2

Karl Lagerfeld
What doesn't this man do? Obviously sleep is the correct assumption. Karl is such a unique and remarkable designer and manages to do so much at one time. He has been credited to not only with being the Creative Director of three major fashion houses; Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi, where he designs at least 10 collections a year, but also collaborating with Orredors to create glass wear. He has become an accomplished photographer, moonlights as a book publisher with his own imprint with Steidl, along with creating beautiful fashion films for his collections - to name a few of his creative endeavours. This man is one-of- a-kind. He will forever have his leather and ring clad fingers on the pop culture pulse and will be eternally ahead of the curve. Not many 78 year old men can say that! This is what makes Karl Lagerfeld a name to know and someone to truly admire with his determination and passion for the industry.
What I love about Karl's aesthetic is his eye for the luxurious things in life and his attention to detail. He has single-handedly become an icon for design and luxury, while clinging to his unique brand image. Lagerfeld is constantly credited for creating the trends, and without a doubt he is one of the most outspoken hilarious designers. He has an opinion on everything and will stick to it until the day he passes. Karl is a genius and there are not many designers as unique as him. 

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