Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where To Eat: Toronto Edition - Omi Sushi

 Last Friday while in Toronto my sister and I, went for sushi at Omi Sushi, where they specializes in "Making Gangster Sushi" or so they call it. It was more of a delightful little stone walled sushi joint. 

Among the many delectable treats on the must have part of the menu the Hokkaido Scallop Pizza definitely lived up to its title.
We also enjoyed the lobster cucumber roll, which was just as good as it sounds.
Of course dinner out for sushi isn't complete without a good sizes order of rolls. Looking back, I have a serious craving for sushi now....

If you do end up downtown Toronto I definitely recommend stopping by 243 Carlton Street, Toronto 


  1. I'm definitely going there next time I have disposable funds. yummm