Sunday, September 4, 2011

Profile - Marika Jewell & Lady Bird Goods

Vintage lover, avid shopper, studious student, taste maker and fashion blogger, Marika is one of a kind. Oh, and she has a killer instagram album to boot. See it here

What is your favourite part of your job? I truly love everything about my job. It's what motivates and inspires me to work at it everyday. If I had to narrow it down I suppose it would be the shopping & fashion research. It gives me an excuse to shop too much..for the good of my online store!

What is your least favourite? There is nothing I don’t love but I suppose the hours consumed by listing items online in preparation to sell. 

How did you get this job? This is what I am passionate about, so it was easy for me to conjure it up! It just hit me one day while sitting at my desk writing and sewing of how I can bring all of these elements together. This is when LBGVintage was born, the line was launched January 2011. 

Any advice for people looking to do something similar? Love it, be passionate, work hard and be patient. Success comes from going out there and making it happen for yourself.

What do you read on a daily basis (blogs, books, websites, magazines)? On a daily basis I would say I read/follow about 8 different fashion blogs, I read non-fiction books (fashion related or psychology related) and my favourite magazines to read are NYLON, FASHION, and Vanity Fair. 

What is your favourite thing to cook/bake/make? I love food and I love cooking. I love too cook pasta dishes, with a creamy vodka sauce, spices, veges and shrimp.

What is your all time favourite restaurant? Very casual and un-chic if you will, I love eating at Bandidas on Commercial Drive. The veggies are locally grown, super fresh and uber delicious! Its a great place to eat vegan/vegetarian Mexican inspired meals.

Where is the next place you would like to travel too? Well, I've been to Paris, London and Spain so next I would love to go back to Europe and travel Italy or Greece. I also want to plan a ton of mini vacations to San Francisco and frolic around sunny California in my vintage dresses!
What is your guilty pleasure? Shopping, eating treats and spending way too much time filtering through blogs and online content. 

What is your favourite purchase of 2011 (so far)? My mink fur 1950's cape I found at VV for only $24.99, a pocket watch necklace and an over sized brown leather vintage clutch.

What are you currently coveting? A flat in London and a successful vintage boutique.

What are you wearing right now? A floral button up blouse, tucked into a semi-sheer black skirt, tall black and white ruffle socks and leather flats. Obviously accessorized, with an antique key necklace and too many rings. 
What do you want to be wearing right now? (Prada fur stole? Or perhaps a cashmere housecoat?) If I could be wearing anything right now it would be a Giovanni Bedin "House of Worth" dress with a pair of gold and pink fan Miu Miu heels. (oh I wish!)
Who do you find has an impeccable sense of style? (style icon?) Vogue Nippon editor Anna Dello Russo for always being wildly creative and wearing things other people wouldn’t dream of.


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