Sunday, September 11, 2011

How To: Make It As A Canadian Designer

When we think of high fashion, most times we think of the established couture houses and the designers that have been around for more than 50 years. But what about the new generation? What about us Canadians!? Good news for us, there is a way. From Mark Fast, to Erdem, there seems to be a formula to making in big in this multi-billion dollar industry.
(From left to right; Mark Fast, Erdem, Jean-Pierre Barganza) 
  1. Study Abroad At A Prestigious School (like Central St. Martins, Or The Royal College of Art) - Mark Fast and Jean-Pierre Barganza studied at St. Martins, while Erdem went to Ryerson, then across the pond to The Royal College.

  2. Show Your Collection At A Notable Industry Venue – All three Canadians call London Fashion Week the home of one of their collection reveals.

  3. Create Buzz About Your Business – Jean-Pierre was selected by Karl Lagerfeld for the Protégée  at Central St. Martins, in 2008, Mark Fast created a stir with his model casting of plus sized models for his Spring 2010 collection, while Erdem's client list include Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama, among others.
  1. Have Many Projects On The Go – Along with having a runway collection, Mark Fast is currently in works with Canadian leather company Danier for a capsule collection due out this fall, while Erdem can now be purchases at The Room in The Bay across Canada.

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