Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guest Post: Vancouver Shopping

Caitlin Howell

I always try to ease my shoppers guilt by telling myself it’s an investment, this time I’m actually right. My favourite of the Bronsino bags, the Haarlem bag (seen below), is classic and stylish for any season without being too trend driven. Often found in Italian calf skin this handcrafted bag will be soft to the touch but durable for every day wear.
Designer Denise Wilson makes some of her collections out of recycled and reclaimed leather for the eco friendly fan, and most of her designs are inspired and sometimes named after her extensive travels. Inspired by the world around her the name Bronsino comes from her husband’s family home in Peru, the Calle Bronsino. She often travels there and the culture influences the hand made art that is her bag collection. Be converted to a Haarlem bag lover like me and check it out here.

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