Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guest Post: Modern Fashion Illustration

Painting Pictures: A Look at Modern Fashion Illustration
Hayley Wright
Throughout the years, the focus of fashion illustration has shifted. Instead of being merely a technical step in the creation of a garment, it is now a recognized form of art.
One of the earliest fashion illustrators, Paul Iribe, spent countless hours depicting garments on abstract female figures in water colours and ink. With a flair for French couture, Iribe rose to great fame. His illustrations even influenced the success of some of the most notable designers of our time (including Coco Chanel, Paul Poiret, and Jeanne Lanvin).
Sketches of designer garments have been mixed with different materials (such as pencil crayon, charcoal, and even ballpoint pens) to create astounding illustrations of breathtaking fabric folds and ruffles.
As a fellow illustrator, I completely understand the commitment and dedication required to render an item of clothing on paper. It takes time and patience to develop the skill, which is something that cannot be replicated through a computer. Today's fashion illustrators are fighting to gain a large fan-base, myself included. Artists like Pippa McManus, an illustrator from Western Australia, have found world-wide fame by posting dynamic drawings on blogs (visit Pippa's at:http://pippasworkablefixative.blogspot.com/). With her artwork, Pippa is able to communicate the necessity of a pencil and paper, as opposed to a keyboard and a mouse.
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